At Leeks Waterscapes we specialise in de-silting Ponds Lakes and waterscapes.                             

Still water bodies build up a considerable amount of partially decomposed organic matter. Leaving the water quality poor and in an anaerobic state which encourages undesirables such as Algae and Duck weed etc 

At Leeks Waterscapes we will come up with the best methodology to remove silt from your water bodies and undertake the project from start to finish.  

Truxor Reed Clearance 


Leeks Waterscapes operate our own Truxor Amphibian Tool Carrier.

Our Truxor specialises in reed clearance.

Transported with our truck and trailer the Truxor can track itself into and out of the watercourse, cut and collect the weed and then place it back onto the bank all without the need for any manual labour.

Other than being a weed cutter the Truxor is a tool carrier and can be used for a array of applications from dredging using a digging attachment or a cutter suction dredging head, heavy duty weed / reed cutting and even bank cutting.

Pond and lake creation


Pond and Lake Construction is at heart of our business, from clay lined to synthetic lined pond / lake construction, formal to natural pond construction we can undertake from design to completion. We install several lining systems from Geo-sythetic clay liners to EPDM rubber liners. Leeks waterscapes are approved firestone liner installers